Student Management Games 2018


Business simulation is a technique for developing, testing, and evaluating business strategies in a virtual environment before committing real money and effort in the marketplace. With the latest computer technology, state- of-the-art business simulations can manage hundreds of variables simultaneously and provide tremendous realism. AIMA creates business simulations using its unique and powerful software model, Chanakya.

You will have a realistic and enjoyable learning experience, where you actually manage a multimillion company and benefit with:

  1. Understanding the cross-functional relationships among various management functions.
  2. Exposure of running a company in a simulated environment without causing damage to a live company.
  3. Honing operative and strategic decision making skills under constraints of time, finances and information.
  4. Understanding the financial implications of the decisions taken. Helping in finding and employing the available information for the data analysis of their own and competitor's business.
  5. Understanding the importance of team work under trying business situations and above all Gets a synoptic view of a company's operations and experience the thrill of running a company in a competitive environment.
  6. Developing business acumen through business simulation.


These are organised primarily for students of business schools and professional/academic institutes to help them hone their business acumen through business simulation. SMG is a National Championship played across the country. These Games are computer-based simulations that imitate market and economic reality. Students get the opportunity to experience the management methodologies, tools and techniques in real life. All kinds of students can participate including Engineering, Sciences, Business, anybody who aspires to be a part of the Corporate World. One could be in a Graduate or Post Graduate School. The entire module works even better for students coming from a non-commerce/business background, it gives them a learning that elevates their exposure/experience scale instantaneously over their peers.

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  • Winner - Master School of Management, Meerut
    Runners Up - Pacific University, Udaipur
    Runners Up II - Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore
    SMG 2017 Teams 120
  • Southern Winner - IIM Bangalore
    Western Winner - Pacific Institute of Management
    Northern Winner - Pacific Inst of Managment
    SMG 2016 Teams 125
  • Winner - MDI, Gurgaon
    Runners Up - MSM, Meerut
    Runners Up II - FMS, Pacific University
    SMG 2015 Teams 180

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AIMA - the apex body for Management is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year. It has worked closely with the managers across levels to bring newer formats to enhance and accelerate their learning.

AIMA is pleased to launch its first Young Managers Simulation Championship (YMS 2017) in Delhi. It is specifically designed for managers who are less than 35 years of age and would expose them to the world of taking critical business decisions in the process develop business acumen through Business Simulation.

Over the years, more than 10,000 managers and 400 organizations have already benefited from AIMA's Management Games. YMS would be a team based Competition and the only of its kind in India.

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  • Winners - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd
    Runners up I - Andritz Hydro pvt ltd
    Runners up II - Andritz Hydro pvt ltd
    YMS 2017

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The National Competition for Business Management Simulations (NMG) is the single largest platform that engages and challenges Corporate Managers in in Time Bound Decision Making and Strategizing constraints. It is a National Competition aimed at raising on the ground Business Skills of the Management Fraternity in the country. In over two decades now, more than 10,000 managers and 500 organisations have already benefited from AIMA's Management Business Simulation Games. Competition usually starts around the month of April - May of every calendar year. The business simulation is highly interactive and realistic as one team's decisions affects other teams as in a realistic competitive economy. The decisions are evaluated through the software "Chanakya" developed indigenously in India. The Champion team and Runners Up I of the NMG go on to represent India at the Asian business management simulation Games (AMG).

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  • 1st - IOCL
    2nd - SAIL
    3rd - Maruti
    NMG 2018
  • 1st - Power Grid Corp
    2nd - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd
    3rd - NTPC
    NMG 2017
  • 1st - Power Grid Corp
    2nd - NTPC
    3rd - ONGC
    NMG 2016

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Game has brought new insights into actual working of real business and we look forward to implementing new ideas tried here.


Importance of team in shared decision making


Great learning on how departments are connected to each other. Impact on bottom line (profit) if planning goes wrong

- LG

It brings "Leadership development skills in managing uncertainty and its associated financial implications"

Hyderabad Faculty at ISB