About In-house Training / Competition for Corporates

Business Simulation Programs are conducted on specific request of the Corporates or Local Management Associations. The Exercise is conducted as In-House Training Program Corporate Managers. The Business/Management games are conducted within organisations as a hands-on learning tool for the participants. Normally the duration is two days, with 7-8 hours each day, including a briefing session of 2 hour.


The program is designed for professionals who are looking at rising up the leadership ladder towards more accountable positions.


  • Basic - MTs, GETs and Junior Managers
  • General - Mid-level Managers
  • Advanced - Senior Managers
  • Complex - Strategic Thinkers


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About In-House Training / Competition for Institutes

The curve of a individual intending to learn is supposed to be the highest when he/she is a part of an educational institute, the truth however is that we never stop learning, more his/her professional responsibilities are, more are his/her learnings. Nevertheless, while that the individual is dedicating and committing his time towards learning, it becomes obligatory on the part of the educational body to expedite his/her process of learning. What works best in such cases along with text, is action. While real life is full of action, classrooms can be a monotone if we don't bring in variety in the modicum of impartation. What if we can package a slice of that action into a classroom where all such inviduals can experience real life and draw their own learnings without the need to write the Management Principles in Bold.
We bring the expertise of bringing such environments to your classroom through our Business Simulation. Each Business Simulation engages the participants over an extended period of time. Each participant is continuously influencing the course of this environment/economy slowly with his/her moves/actions and with each action there is learning on how the world of business responds to his/her thoughts and strategies in the process develops business acumen.
You can pick between the options:

  • Of our faculty creating the Simulation at your facility with dynamic debriefs or
  • Taking up our Lease Program of our Online Simulation that your faculty can execute at his/her own pace.


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What Is Business Simulation?

Business simulation is a technique for developing, testing, and evaluating business strategies in a virtual environment before committing real money and effort in the marketplace. With the latest computer technology, state- of-the- art business simulations can manage hundreds of variables simultaneously and provide tremendous realism. AIMA creates business simulations using its unique and powerful software model, Chanakya.

What Will Be The Learnings?

You will have a realistic and enjoyable learning experience, where you actually manage a multi- million company and benefit with:

  • Understanding the cross-functional relationships among various management functions.
  • Exposure of running a company in a simulated environment without causing damage to a live company.
  • Honing operative and strategic decision making skills under constraints of time, finances and information.
  • Understanding the financial implications of the decisions taken. Helping in finding and employing the available information for the data analysis of their own and competitor's business.
  • Understanding the importance of team work under trying business situations and above all Gets a synoptic view of a company's operations and experience the thrill of running a company in a competitive environment.
  • Developing business acumen through Business Simulation.

Chanakya Business Simulation process

  1. A team of 3 - 4 members participate in 5 rounds spread over 2 days
  2. Members play CEO, CFO, COO, CMO and HR (depending on the scenario)
  3. Each team represents a virtual enterprise
  4. Each team comprehends a Business Case presented with economic, inventory and financial data to navigate their enterprise further
  5. A team is challenged on a mix of operations, market trend, branding, pricing, employee, customer perception depending on the specific Simulation
  6. Participants are additionally challenged by moves the competitors are making in a dynamic environment


The simulator can be used for the following:

  • As a classroom program with extensive facilitation towards the intervention objectives
  • As a remote program where participation is through internet
  • As a part of an assessment or development center
  • As a leased program administered by in-house HR/ Faculty Please Contact Us to know more.