Computer Simulated Management Games: A Business Challenge

Management Games are simulations where participants are confronted with business issues. They are asked to take management decisions and see the business effect of such decisions, soon thereafter. Participants play to win, and in seeking to win, they imbibe new forms of competitive behavior that are ideal for today's highly chaotic business conditions. The competition urges participants to learn willingly, and the in- built interactivity enhances the pace of learning in turn developing business acumen.

The frustration and excitement of managing a company from top downwards ensures that the learning elements are retained with the participants longer. Participants Step into the shoes of the Directors of a firm. Enjoy the pleasure of working with your fellow Directors for agreeable decisions. Team up with your fellow classmates to survive, to surmount and to win. Experiment with the methodologies, tools and techniques you studied in your MBA, PGDM and other professional programmes. Practice your management concepts and business principles. Do battle, and experience the thrill of competition. Drive your firm in a world of simulated situations. And prepare for the hard business world, the easy way!

The simulation Game is recognized to be the fastest and most cost-effective technique to train and test large number of learners, simultaneously. AIMA has now conducted the Game for over 20,000 participants in 500 corporates and 200 Business Schools across the country. AIMA is conducting Management Games since 1992 for the corporates, B-School edition of Management Games were started in the year 1997. Since then AIMA is conducting these Management Games Successfully with the great feedback from the participants.

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